Local Freelance Girl – Kah Yan – Subang

Local Freelance Girl – Kah Yan – Subang Lotus yoga pose SOFIE BIRKIN
This position is very suitable as a beginning, you can enjoy gentle and slow sex with your partner. If you want to caress each other while looking affectionately in each other’s eyes, then you must try this yoga-style sitting posture! He sits cross-legged, you sit on his lap, your legs tightly clamped between each other.He slowly put GG into your body, so that the sensory nerves of the two are intertwined with each other. In order to increase the pleasure, the two can suck, kiss or stroke each other’s chest, neck and shoulders to achieve the ultimate orgasm.He sits on his knees, and then you sit with your back to him and sit on his lap. You will be in a perfect position, because you can directly let him know the sensitive areas you want to be touched .Please call 018-241 7139 for booking our Local Freelance Girl – Kah Yan – Subang


Name : Kah Yan
County : Local Chinese
Age : 23
Body : 34c 24 34
Height : 165cm
Weight : 45kg

Incall Package 1 : RM420 (1shot within 45 minutes)
Incall Package 2 : RM840 (2shot FULL 2 hours)

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