Local Parttime Girl – Eliz – Chinese

Local Parttime Girl – Eliz – Chinese

Local Parttime Girl - Eliz

You may feel that hand love is not as stimulating as mouth love or love love, but in fact the hand can provoke more libido than your mouth or genitals. In addition, hand love is a kind of safe sex, and you can also understand how your partner likes to be touched through hand love. If you want to have a good hand love experience, there are 5 basic points and 8 moves that will let you rediscover the passion and interest of love! He whispered, making him ready to start enjoying the next hand love. Use your hands to stroke up 7 times and stroke down once. If your partner likes it, he will tell you that he wants to do it more times.Then you can use faster, tighter force, or occasionally stroke backwards (so that he can calm down a little bit), so that each other can get full of joy.Please call 018-241 7139 for booking Local Parttime Girl – Eliz – Chinese

Name : Eliz
County : Local Chinese
Age : 23
Body : 34d 24 35
Height : 166cm
Weight : 45kg

Incall Package 1 : RM420 (1shot within 45 minutes)
Incall Package 2 : RM840 (2shot FULL 2 hours)

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– 电话 +6018-2417139 11:00AM – 04:00AM